What Are Some Hidden Wedding Fees I Should Be Aware Of?

One of the first things that wedding experts will tell you to do when starting to plan your wedding is to set your budget. Couples have to start thinking about how much a venue is going to cost, how expensive plates per person will be, the deejay, floral arrangements, etc, etc. Establishing a budget is difficult enough without hidden fees, charges that do not appear in the initial proposal for things that can easily escape the mind of someone who is not a wedding professional.


Couples should know what hidden fees to watch out for, especially at smaller venues that require you to do a lot yourself.  If you do not see these items in the information a venue provides, be sure to ask about them.

1. Cake cutting fee – Some venues charge as much as $4.00 per person if not more.


2. Bartender fee – While you get the price for alcohol up front, but you could be unaware of the fee for the person pouring you drinks. This is usually a per hour or flat fee.Wedgewood-Weddings-Bartender-Hidden-Wedding-Fees

3. Insurance requirements – Some venues require significant forms of liability insurance. Who wants to pay for insurance or fill out the paperwork for it? Exactly, so most venues conveniently won’t mention it until after they have booked you.

4. Dance floor fees– It takes more than a deejay to dance at some venues, which require you to rent or supply your own dance floor.

5. Labor charges to supply the staff.

6. Set up or breakdown charges.

7. China, glassware, silverware, etc – Seems ridiculous, right? But they do get charged on occasion.

8. Wedding coordinators – Some venues will mandate the use of a wedding coordinator, preferably one supplied by the venue itself.

Wedgewood Weddings has a policy of no hidden fees, guaranteed, because your wedding should be hassle-free. Making sure you don’t get blindsided by them is the first step to making sure your budget remains what it was originally planned.

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