Bridal Shower Game Ideas!

Check out our absolute FAVORITE bridal shower games!

Wedgewood Weddings | Bridal Shower Games

The Purse Game
Create a list of the typical things you would have in your purse and work your way up to more random or obscure items!
The host calls out the items on the list and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins a small prize.
Couples Trivia
Before the shower, one partner is asked a variety of questions like “Where did you propose?” and “How old were you when you met?” These same questions will be asked to the other partner at the shower. As they answer (and hopefully answers correctly!), they win a prize! For every incorrect answer, they chew a piece of gum!

Wedgewood Weddings | Bridal Shower Games
Bridal Bingo
Using blank bingo sheets, guests will fill in their own sheet with things they think will be given as a gift. Things like kitchen towels, china, serving utensils, etc. When the time comes for the bride to open her gifts, guests try to get a “Bride” winning Bingo by crossing off the items they wrote on their sheet!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Prize Ideas!
Gift Cards
Bath & beauty products (Lotions, delicious body washes, travel hand sanitizer, etc.)
Scented candles
Lip gloss, nail polish sets, cosmetic cases & tote bags

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