Accomplish These Wedding Tasks In An Hour Or Less

Time is limited when planning your wedding day, but here are a few things you can accomplish in an hour or less!

Sign up for your favorite wedding blogs and magazines

Accomplish These Wedding Tasks In An Hour Or Less

Begin creating a “Divide and Conquer” list between you and your partner-to-be!

Create your Pinterest wedding boards

Accomplish These Wedding Tasks In An Hour Or Less

Build your wedding website

Determine your wedding party

Listen and choose your wedding playlist!

Outline your budget

Print your wedding prep checklists

Set wedding vendor and attire appointments

Sunflower Field Photography_2713

Customize your wedding favors, cake serving set, toasting flutes and more on!

Using your Wedgewood Wedding Planner, you’ll be able to answer some of the key aspects to your wedding day!

Popular Songs For All Your Wedding Day Playlists

Top Picks For Your Pre-Wedding Playlist!


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