10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Before The Photos, Ask Questions

Smile, It’s Time to Get a Wedding Photographer!

by Carolyn Garcia
Regional Catering Sales Director

Every bride and groom want great wedding photos. So if you find a good photographer, you’ve got what you need, right? Not necessarily! Make sure as you are planning your wedding that you ask these questions when meeting with a prospective photographer:

1. Who will be the actual photographer? (if you meet with one person at the consultation, that person might not actually be the one shooting the event)

2. What are all fees involved with the event? (overtime hours, travel, engagement session vs. event date, etc.)

3. What is the deposit/booking charge to secure the date?

4. What are their cancellation fees/guidelines?

5. What style of photos do they take? (photojournalistic, film, natural light, traditional, posed, etc.)

6. Do you get the “negatives” and in what form? (negatives, CD/disk, online etc.)

7. What type of “dress” will you wear for the event? (It needs to match the type of event you are planning on hosting – formal, laid back luau etc.)

8. How many photos will be taken during the timeframe stated on the contract?

9. How many photographers will be shooting your event?

10. How many locations are included in the day of the event? (shooting bridal prep at the hotel, then to the church for ceremony and on to reception location/event venue – is this included in the costs or additional?)

What was your experience with your wedding photographer? Did you ask these questions? How did you come to your final decision?

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