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When we ask couples to describe their ideal wedding day, we hear a lot of different words –– beautiful, relaxed, romantic –– but the word we hear the most often is fun! The most important thing you need to have a fun reception is to keep your guests moving, mingling, chatting and laughing. Here are some activities that will give your guests something fun to do between hitting the dance-floor and hitting the bar.

  • – Photobooth: The photo booth trend is here to stay. Why? Because they are so much fun! That’s why we have one at every Wedgewood event. Ask your catering sales director about adding it your package.


  • – Kids Activities: If you are inviting children to the wedding, get some coloring books, small toys and kid friendly favors to keep them entertained while their parents cut a rug out on the dance floor.


  • – The Shoe Game: This one is always a crowd-pleaser. Never heard of it? During your reception, place two chairs back-to-back for the newlywed couple. Remove both your shoes and trade one of them with your spouse so you have one of each. Have a designated friend or family member read questions about the two of you and your relationship. (Examples: Who will be doing the cooking? Who is more likely to get lost?) After each question hold up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer for the question. Watch hilarity ensue.


  • – Interactive Food Stations: Chocolate fountains, s’mores bars, espresso bars, candy or popcorn stations – anything that allows your guests to select and customize their treat is both fun and delicious! We offer all types of options that you can add directly to your package.


  • – Plan a big surprise: Think of the moment in the movie “Love Actually” where all the choir and guests perform a surprise serenade of “All You Need Is Love.” Throw a big surprise for all of your guest and they will be sure to have the time of their lives –– and you will too!


Call your sales team to talk more about adding these fun reception activities and more!

Should you have any questions about Wedgewood services and packages, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Wedgewood team or leave a comment below! With over 30 years of award-winning Valservenience®, Wedgewood offers unique options and services that differ from other venues. We’re happy to advise you with all aspects of your special day and we appreciate you taking the time to read our blogs each week.

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