Non-Traditional Save the Date Ideas

Non-Traditional Save the Date Ideas

There is no right or wrong answer to which kind of save the dates you should send, but here are a few different (and fun) ideas that you might not see on a daily basis:

1. Flip flops. If you are having a beach themed wedding, and who doesn’t love a pair of new flip flops for the upcoming summer season! These would have your names, wedding date and location written on them (in a permanent marker of course). See if the marker wears off on your feet first. You might need to write the info on the sides of the flip flops instead or possibly attach a tag with this information instead!

2. Maps. If travel is the name of the game, send a mini map of the area everyone will be traveling to for your big day!  Highlight or circle where you will be getting married and then write your names and wedding date on another part of the map that can be clearly shown.

3. Magnets. Your guests won’t miss the date with a cute refrigerator magnet! Be sure to check postal service guidelines to avoid any mailing challenges.

Non-Traditional Save the Date Ideas

4. Scratch Off Save The Date Cards. Surprise your guests with a scratch off save the date card!

5. Ornaments. If your save the dates are being sent out during the holidays, an ornament representing the theme of your wedding to come can be sent to your guests so that they can place it on their trees as a constant daily reminder of your upcoming festivities!

6. Photo Booth Pictures. Throw a little fun into the mix with your favorite photo booth strips with your date enclosed!

Non-Traditional Save the Date Ideas

7. Let The Music Play. Who doesn’t love a personalized playlist!

8. Stickers. Create and customize a selection of stickers to create the perfect save the date collage!

9. Confetti Surprise! Add a little flare to your sends with themed confetti!

10. Birchwood Engraved Save The Date. going for a unique rustic style piece? Nothing says personalized more than an engraved save the date!

Non-Traditional Save the Date Ideas

Enlist your family and friends to help hand deliver these “save the dates” to those on your guest list.  If guests are traveling from afar, send a box full of save the dates to a main point of contact in the area that most are traveling from and enlist people there to help hand deliver your personalized save the dates!  (Don’t forget to send the guest list and addresses along with them!)  This will help begin the festivities and the introductions of guests to your event as well as to each other!

Non-Traditional Save the Date Ideas

Depending on the type of event you are going to host and the budget for your save the dates will play a role in what you can and cannot do.  But with a little creativity and the help of your bridal party and close family members and friends, some of these ideas might not be as expensive as you might think!

Non-Traditional Save the Date Ideas

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