HOW TO: Wedding Gift Registry

Your wedding gift registry is an easy way for your friends and family to purchase gifts that you want as newlyweds. This is the chance to get the things you really want from the places you love! There are a variety of retail stores and online shopping sites that offer wedding gift registries. Retailers have really made tremendous strides to make this shopping experience quick and easy for engaged couples, but we’re going to go a step further and explain how it works.

HOW TO: Wedding Gift Registry

Wedding Registry Made Simple
-Choose your gift registry stores. You’ll want to choose retail stores that has your items in stock, options you want, and competitively priced.


-Time to Shop! Create a list of your must-have items within the store’s inventory either in-store or online.

TIP: Retail associates are fully prepared to help you in selecting things that you may want based on your preferences.

HOW TO: Wedding Gift Registry

Sharing is Caring
Be sure to include your registry information on your wedding website! Knowing where to go and what to buy makes this a simple process for gifters, and eliminates any chance for duplicate or unwanted gifts! Easy peasy right?!

HOW TO: Wedding Gift Registry

“Add to Cart!”
Once they have made their purchase, you’ll receive a notification and the item will be removed from your registry list. Then get ready…

What’s at the Door?
Voila! You gifts will arrive at your door!

HOW TO: Wedding Gift Registry

So for those of you who have already created your wedding gift registry, what stores or sites did you choose? Any tips for newly engaged couples? Leave your feedback below!

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  • Jolene Rae Harrington on January 26, 2017

    Like Wedgewood says, registering is fun! Don’t let it stress you out! My #1 tip is to be sure to register for things you really love, not what some well-meaning relative or sales associate thinks you “should” have. You don’t want an expensive fine china gravy boat gathering dust in your cupboard when you could be enjoying gourmet fettuccine from your pasta maker!

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