Hottest Trends for 2017!

We’re sorry to see 2016 go, but we’re thrilled to share some of the hottest wedding trends for 2017! There is so much variety and options for personalizing your wedding day, you’ll just love some of our top favs we absolutely LOVE!

Hanging Florals
Florists have gotten very clever in how your guests are presented to your reception. Hanging floral garlands or lush greenery from above, draping down over your guests is such a hot trend that we’re now starting to see it in all the magazines, and definitely at our gorgeous venues. Eucalyptus garlands, voluptuous orchid and hydrangea florals, oy vey! This really enhances the look of the room.

Unplugged Weddings
In this day where none of us can stop Instagramming, Snapchatting, or even texting our besties, putting the phone down ain’t so easy. Hence the moment – unplugged ceremonies. No phones, no snaps, nada. And it’s fantastic! This has been a sensation in 2016 at our weddings and it will continue on into 2017. You have your photographer taking great photos, and that’s it. You’ll avoid those shots of someone else capturing the moment on their iPhone, or worse, capturing it at a bad angle, ew.

Hottest Trends for 2017! Unplugged Ceremonies

Bohemian Babe
Mis-matching dinnerware, chill vibes, and big bold bright colors are all the rage right now and we couldn’t be happier! Why not show of your personality and have fun with the Bohemian lifestyle and integrate it into your perfect day! Grapefruit hues, lush greens, golden yellows, and gorgeous prints are oh-so dream board pin-worthy!

Lawn Games
OK, this is such a great way to entertain your guests and we are obsessed! There are so many cool games that everyone can play while sipping their cocktails or chatting it up with friends. Corn hole, horse shoes, giant Jenga or even bocce ball! We love this element and hope this trend just never goes out of style!

Hottest Trends for 2017! Lawn Games

Signature Cocktails
We recently covered this segment and boy were we right on the money! Everyone is talking about signature cocktails at their wedding and hey, cheers to that! Choose a great classic like the key lime pie martini, or a whiskey and Coke! Have a little fun with the non-alcoholic beverages like a special iced tea station or a delicious non-alcoholic Sangria!

Hottest Trends for 2017! Signature Cocktails

Groom’s Second Suit
You’ve heard of a bride changing her dress right? Now guess what? It’s not just limited to the ladies anymore, guys are getting a second change as well! This second change is usually a little more casual, maybe without a jacket, a different color tie, and a change of shoes and belt. We love that the gents are getting their moment too!

The Blues
Ah yes, the blues! The dark shades of blue are hitting Pinterest and we’re super excited about it! So many color combinations and options for bridesmaids dresses, groom’s attire is absolutely stunning in these shades, and the decor ideas are endless!

Hottest Trends for 2017! Shades of Blue

The rustic trend is going strong and we’re so excited! With just a few very slight alternations, this theme is getting even more beautiful in 2017! Many of the elements are remaining the same (which is fabulous!) but with a modern twist. Shapes in the decor are, color combinations are neutral, floral arrangements are garden party style, and the twinkle lights are a reception dream!

Grab your pina colada, your cute bohemian sandals and sunscreen, and let’s talk tropical! This is going to be HUGE next year and wow, what a vibrant unique trend we’re just dying to see unfold! Misty sprays from the ocean surf, warm evenings and endless summer beach scenery is the way to go to capture this awesome wedding style. Go big, go bold! Exotic Bromeliad centerpieces with orchids and lilies, bright table settings and palm trees in abundance – the options are never-ending!

Hottest Trends for 2017! Tropical influence

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