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This will be up to you both to decide, because there is a difference. The great thing about a tuxedo is the style of them, as they are considered to be more formal and worn on very special occasions. However, you can get a GORGEOUS suit that would look fantastic on your wedding day, even for a much more affordable price than a tuxedo. And, the great thing about getting a suit for your wedding day is the fact that you can wear it for other events!


Met First Dance



Black, gray, blue, brown, and white are fairly common suit choices. Shades of black and gray are classics and you really can’ go wrong with any of these, especially if you want to put a modern twist on this look with accessories and boutonniere options!

Shy Heart Groom_Retreat


Having the perfect tailor to execute the perfect groom style is vital. This is one area you’ll want to think about because there is nothing quite like your groom in a perfectly fitted suit or tuxedo.

Wedgewood Tip: Need help finding the perfect tailor? Just ask your Valservenience Director to provide you with recommended tailors in your area! It’s just that easy!

Just married!

B&G on the bridge



Stylish watches, killer cuff-links, and tasteful ties are just a few accessories that your groom can add to his wedding day attire.

Wedgewood Tip: Looking for a personalized, custom gift for your hubby-to-be? Give him engraved cuff-links with your wedding date and both your initials! An added feature: Your future hubby won’t mix up your birthday with your wedding date! 



Should you have any questions about Wedgewood services and helpful fashion & styling tips, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Wedgewood team or leave a comment below! With over 30 years of award-winning Valservenience, Wedgewood offers unique options and services that differ from other venues. We’re happy to advise you with all aspects of your special day and we appreciate you taking the time to read our blogs each week.

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