7 Ways to Treat Your Bridesmaid Right

Bride and her bridesmaids

by Carolyn Garcia Wilson
Wedgewood Regional Sales Director

We’ve been letting you know how to be a good bridesmaid, but we also know it’s a two-way street – brides have to treat their bridesmaids well! So brides, here’s how to do it:

1. Don’t complain about every little thing – it can be taxing on your bridesmaids if all you ever do is complain.

2. Thank them for doing whatever it is that they have done – even if it is as simple as them returning your phone call!

3. Put some thought into their bridesmaid gift – don’t just buy something just because it was on sale!

4. Treat them to a spa day or a dessert night – let them know that you truly are thankful!

5. Give them something to do – if you take everything on yourself, they will feel like they did not “support” you or help you out with anything along the way.

6. Don’t give them too much to do!  Then they might feel taken advantage of – no sweat shops here!

7. “Do unto others as you would want done unto you” – treat her the same way you want(ed) to be treated as a bridesmaid!

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