7 Ways to Be a Good Bridesmaid

Behind every bride should be some good bridesmaids!

by Carolyn Garcia Wilson
Wedgewood Regional Sales Director

So your friend has asked you to be a bridesmaid – what now? Maybe you’re engaged – what should expect from your bridesmaids? Read these 7 tips to be prepared!

1. Be there when the bride needs help; a shoulder to cry on or an ear to complain to.  Make sure to return her phone calls – you never know what she may be calling about!

2. Wear whatever it is that the bride wants you to wear – but if she asks you to be truthful about whether or not you like it, make sure that you are truthful yet supportive. Guide her to a few options that would flatter any body type!

3. Offer your services – if you have a specialty or a knack at things, offer the bride some help – you never know if it might be her saving grace!

4. Don’t try to be the planner/coordinator/designer all while being a bridesmaid at the same time! Wait your turn to be married to plan your dream wedding the way you want it to be and look. If you have already had a wedding – offer your help – when it is solicited!  Let the experts do the work and just enjoy this time.

5. Pay attention!!!  When asked to execute a special task, do it!  It is hard to make a bride happy when the bridesmaid who was supposed to read a poem but forgot to bring it with her down the aisle!

6. Don’t make a fuss that the bride is getting all the attention – you will (or have had) your chance – let her be in the spotlight for once.

7. When there is someone designated to be the point of contact (i.e. the maid of honor) – go to her first before calling the bride to complain about the fit of the dress or question whether or not the heels that were chosen will fit you correctly or not.

Check back with us next week for 7 current bridesmaid trends :)

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