5 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Food

Wedding Food Saving

Saving money on wedding food doesn’t mean you have to BBQ!

by Carolyn Garcia Wilson
Wedgewood Regional Sales Director

Trying to save on your wedding is all the more important these days. One of the areas where you can get yourself into trouble is the food. If you have a family that likes to eat, you could end up spending like you are at Spago! Here are some ways to avoid that happening to you:

1. Make a list of your favorite foods and prioritize it.

Being on a budget does not mean that you need to sacrifice things that are important to you.  Decide what type of meal selection you would prefer and what type you are willing to adjust to if your original idea does not work out.  Are you looking for an appetizer party?  How about a family-style feast? A buffet? Or the all-time classic plated meal?  Any of these are possible for any sized guest list and in any budget – you just need to find out from your wedding professional how!

2. See if there is any wiggle room in the per person price.

For example – if you choose to go the “buffet” route, generally there are multiple options included in the proteins.  Discuss with your catering professional whether or not there is any sort of discount by taking out one of the main options, such as a chicken dish. This may allow there to be an adjustment to the pricing by a dollar or two…..so long as you keep at least one other protein included in your options!  Even saving one dollar per person can amount to a few hundred dollars off the bottom line!

3. Find out what foods and ingredients are in season.

Also look at what items are easier to make than others.  These details factor into the price of the food, from the cost of ingredients, to the man hours it takes to prepare them, to the amount of servers needed to  them.

4. Pick the right cake baker.

See the options you are looking at are able to design the same “look” of lace without duplicating your exact wedding dress lace design. Maybe increase the amount of “pearls” on your cake to highlight and incorporate these sometimes missed accents from your wedding dress.  Most bakers can provide the same look of fondant icing by using buttercream instead, without anyone noticing. A professional’s steady hand can save you a bundle. This way you truly CAN have your cake… and eat it too!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

A good wedding professional will be happy to answer!

What food did you end up choosing for your guests? Any tricks you used to save?

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