Graceful How-To: Adults Only Invitations

As you begin planning your guest list and working through your invitations, the topic of inviting children may come up. This topic is a bit tricky. No one wants their feelings hurt, or to hurt feelings so we thought it would be best to offer up easy solutions. There is a graceful and respectful way to propose an adults-only wedding day to your guests. To avoid hurt feelings or confusion, we’ve collected some wise words from our Valservenience teams to make this easy!

Graceful How-To: Adults Only Invitations

You can always be more “directive” with the invitations without being rude & it is totally OK!

Addressing the names of guests specifically may help to avoid any challenges or confusion.

Update your wedding website to include your “Adult Ceremony & Reception”

Following the ceremony information on your invitation, use appropriate text. Something like “Adult reception” is perfect!

On the response card, you can write something like “We have reserved ____ seats in your honor” so you can write in their allowed number of guests for each invite. This works well with plus 1’s too!

Another option is: #____Adults Will Be Attending

Avoid hurt feelings but stay firm on the decision. Also, it is advised to not write “no kids” on your invitations.

Graceful How-To: Adults Only Invitations

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  • Jenna Russo on April 7, 2017

    Is it okay to say “monetary gifts appreciated” on the bottom of the invitation and also “adults only, no children please”>>>>>>

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